The Liberal Clause

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Every conservative household in this country should have a copy of this book! - Brenda, Ohio

This is a tea party book for the next generation of tea party activists.  I love it! - Bob, Texas

I have never had so much fun reading to my kids. - Anna, Florida

This book has New York Times best seller written all over it! - Robert, Washington 

As one of the few lucky people who have received an advanced copy of David Hedrick’s book, I have to guard it closely as everyone I show it to wants to keep it.  It will have you laughing in tears. - Jennifer, Michigan

"too good not to be illustrated and published for all children to enjoy." -Dave Bow, "The Portland Mercury"

"powerful political satire." Adrian Chen,


What would happen if liberal elves took over the North Pole and children were given the same amount of toys, whether they were naughty, or nice? What would happen if a "Liberal Clause" was interpreted into the Christmastution?

In “The Liberal Clause”, the first book written for the children of the Tea Party movement, David W. Hedrick answers these questions.

In this soon to be best seller, that children will learn from and their politically active parents are sure to enjoy, Hedrick takes the reader on a journey to a North Pole where liberal elves call the shots.  In this snow covered socialist wonderland, Santa’s workshop is unionized and central planning controls toy production.  In the end, efforts to control “elf made global warming”, excessive debt and the disastrous effects of liberalism, threaten Christmas itself.

Can the Tea Party movement save Christmas in time?  Order your copy now to find out.

2011 Christmas Special
$ 9.99

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About the Author
David W. Hedrick went to a Town Hall meeting in Washington State on  August 18th 2009 and this video
went viral on YouTube with over 1.3 MILLION views.
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